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Celebrate in style in a hotair balloon

When can I fly ?

Once you have one of our vouchers for a balloon flight you can either login to our reservations area to book your flight date or call us to book a convenient date early in the validity period of the voucher. This will mean that any rebooking which may be necessary, due to flights being cancelled because of unsuitable weather, can be done well within the validity of the voucher.

We are the longest established Surrey operator and provide a weekday evening service in addition to morning and evening flights at the weekend during the main season. This usually extends from April to October.

We do not schedule flights in the close season because of the combination of typically wet and windy weather and frequent sodden ground conditions which mean that we may not be welcome by the farming community on whom we rely for take off and landing sites.

We are mainly booked for parties and events and a hot air ballon flight is a perfect birthday gift or present. See other gifts here.

Why do you only fly early in the morning or in the evening?

The air is usually at its most stable at these times of day and any breeze is likely to be more gentle. During the middle of the day, when temperatures rise, thermal activity is generated and we cannot fly because of the safety implications of being unable to steer to avoid thermals. If birds are soaring in a spiral it is unlikely that balloons will be flying.

For your guidance the following approximate meeting times apply throughout the flying season. The specific times vary with sunrise and sunset throughout the year and with the prevailing weather conditions. Exact meeting times will therefore be given to you at the final flight check. Please be aware that failure to attend on time for a booked flight will result in forfeiture of your voucher. For more information see Chadd Ballooing,

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